28 Jun 30 Oct


Living Tomorrow, Belgium.

Summer Peace Summit – Vision For Future. Under High Patronage of H.R.H. Princess Léa of Belgium.

The summit opens with this exhibition devoted to the future of Art and Humanity. One of the main ideas is the humanitarian aspects of the Art uniting different countries from around the world.

Time Code: The Value of Memories – Vision For Future shows work by international contemporary artists. Louisa Burnett-Hall’s paintings from her series ‘Reflections on Water’ are inspired by the lakes in Croatia, historical and geographical meeting point of  East and West.

Curated by Barbara Dietrich.


30 Mar 18 Apr


Salon du Vieux Colombier, Paris

Sous la présidence de Jean-Pierre Lecoq,
Maire du 6e, Conseiller régional d’Île de France,

l’exposition « TRANSLATION »

MAIRIE du 6e,

78 rue Bonaparte,

75006 Paris.
Monday – Friday 10.30 – 17.00
Thursdays 10.30 – 19.00 Saturdays 10.00 – 12.00
Saturday 30th March 10.00 – 17.00

► lesixaa.org

23 Mar 23 May


Heng Gallery, Suzhou, China.


A dialogue of two artists. Curated by Siwei Zhang, Qu Art China.

Dynamic and static are two important categories in Chinese philosophy. In ancient Chinese philosophy, the meaning of the two concepts of “dynamic” and “static” is much broader and more complicated than that of motion and static in general physics. For example, changeability, desire, achieve, and virility are all included in the scope of “movement”, while unselfishness, inaction, and meekness are included in the scope of “ static ”. Therefore, it is widely used to explain all aspects of ancient Chinese philosophy, including rich content.

Suzhou meticulous artist HuaBin‘s fine brushwork is delicate and soft, the picture is full of the sound of flowing water,which is “static” . Louisa Burnett-Hall’s works are full of life, such as a waterfall flying down, the joy of the fluttering fish, the lava waiting to be released under the Icelandic iceberg… It is a conversation of Dynamic and Static.

Heng Gallery,

Suzhou Center Plaza, Suzhou

10am – 7pm

► Qu Art China

► Louisa Burnett-Hall Water, aria and variations catalogue 2019 NEW EDITION




08 Nov 07 Dec


Milton Gallery, St Paul’s School, London SW13

Curator : Anne Rook.
Artists books, and other media by 16 different artists using language and translation as their inspiration.
Louisa Burnett-Hall and Albert DuPont are invited to exhibit their artist book ‘Reflets Urbains (Urban Flux)’ l’Inéditeur. Poem by Albert DuPont. Three hand coloured prints by Louisa Burnett-Hall. Limited edition of 55 numbered 1 – 35, I – X and E.A 1 – E.A. 10. All images and text have been produced using a traditional typographer’s printing press on Arches paper, presented in a red box cover. Books and images are individually signed and numbered.

St Paul’s School, Lonsdale Road, London SW13 9JT.
Monday-Friday 9.00 – 16.00

Contact :
Lucy McLaren
Art School & Milton Gallery Manager
Tel. 020 8748 9162
Direct Line. 020 8746 5429 ext.2429
Email. lrmcl@stpaulsschool.org.uk
Web: https://www.stpaulsschool.org.uk

08 Jun 07 Oct

WATER : aria and variations

N° 16, Yu Lang Qiao Bang, Gusu District, Suzhou, China.
Monday – Friday 10.00 -12.00 / 14.00 -16.00

Louisa Burnett-Hall’s exhibition ‘WATER, aria and variations’ marks the inauguration of the newly built Qu Art Museum in Suzhou. Over thirty works on paper and canvas explore the visible and invisible through the theme of water. Burnett-Hall creates visual distillations of her experience and observations of a variety of ecosystems ranging from English trout streams to Icelandic glaciers, creating images and metaphors for life, light and time.

► Qu Art China

14 Apr 22 Apr

The Orangery

Holland Park, London

Friends of Holland Park exhibition.

Burnett-Hall exhibits new works from the series ‘Stanza’  – inspired by a river high up in the French Alps. Using inks and watercolour on Khadi paper in small formats, the artist explores musical rhythms in running water.


01 Feb 04 Feb

Works on Paper Art Fair London

Royal Geographical Society, London

Kevis House Gallery stand

New works inspired by the sparkling waters of the River Nive in the Basque country will be exhibited by the Kevis House Gallery.

R.G.S., 1 Kensington Gore, Kensington, London SW7 2AR

►Kevis House Gallery



20 Apr 04 May

WATER, aria and variations

Shaanxi Province Art Museum, Xi'an

Qu Art China and Shaanxi Province Art Museum currently exhibiting “WATER, aria and variations”  in Xi’an, city of the famous terracotta army, China.

►Qu Art China

19 Jan 17 Feb

WATER, aria and variations

Suzhou Art Museum, Suzhou

Qu Art China and Suzhou Art Museum exhibit Louisa Burnett-Hall’s paintings on the theme of water in a new exhibition open to the general public in China. Suzhou Art Museum

N°2075 Renmin Road,

Gusu district, Suzhou.

►Qu Art China


10 May 03 Jun

Més enlla del límit “petit format”

Galeria Espai d'Art 32, Pollença, Majorca

Small formats exhibited by Dolors Perez in this charming gallery in the heart of Pollensa. A simultaneous event with the artists showing at Can Gelabert, Binissalem, in a culturel exchange between Paris, Majorca, and Minorca.



09 May 27 Jun

Més enlla del límit

Can Gelabert-Binissalem, Majorca

A collective Franco-Spanish exhibition with Le 6e Ateliers d’Artistes


19 Mar 24 Mar

Œuvres in Vitrine, Œuvres in Vitro

Picard et Epona, Paris

Ink and pencil drawings

82 rue Bonaparte 75006 PARIS

18 Mar 09 Apr

Més enlla del límit

Salon du Vieux Colombier, Paris

A collective Franco-Spanish exhibition with Le 6e Ateliers d’Artistes.

MAIRIE du 6e,

78 rue Bonaparte,

75006 PARIS



20 May 18 Oct

Douce France (Flow)

Espace Qu Art, Suzhou, China.

Curator: Siwei Zhang.

With special thanks to Dr Pick Keobandith, director Qu Art Brussels.

For the inauguration of Espace Qu Art’s brand new exhibition space, Douce France (Flow) brings together twenty-two works by the artist on the theme of water. Louisa Burnett-Hall explores the energy and calligraphic qualities of moving water, the optical superposition of reflection and refraction, and the dynamics of transition in waterfalls and glaciers.

Jiayuan Garden,

Jingwenli, Gusu District,

Suzhou, Jiangsu,



21 Mar 25 May

Rocks and Ice: Tea and Roses

George Cannon, Paris

Olivier and Isabelle Scala present the work of Louisa Burnett-Hall and Jill Roland-Gosselin.

12 Rue Notre Dame des Champs

75006 Paris


06 Dec 31 Jan

Perception Pure

l'Espace d'Art Solmondo, Paris.

Curated by France Arnaud de Taddeo. Louisa Burnett-Hall’s waterscape paintings are exhibited alongside Ricardo Santerini’s sculptures.

49 Avenue de Versailles 75016 Paris

►Espace Solmondo

11 May 30 Jun


Galérie JBC1, Saint Ouen

The Galérie JBC1 hosts an exhibition of contemporary urban inspired art including Louisa Burnett-Hall’s new works taking a look at water in the Paris gutters.

1 rue J-B Clément 93400 Saint Ouen


03 Jul 25 Jul

Ode à l’Eau

Prieuré Saint Vincent, Chartres.

La Ville de Chartres invites Burnett-Hall for a solo exhibition of her artwork at the contemporary art centre Prieuré Saint Vincent, one of the principal sites on Le Chemin des Arts, Chartres.

12 Rue de la Porte Cendreuse, 28000 Chartres


29 Sep 29 Nov


La Galerie London

A solo exhibition of large scale oil paintings.

Curator Karine Giannamore.

@ the avenue, Piccadilly, London.

14 Mar 13 Apr


Galerie Atelier d'Emmanuelle, Liège, Belgium

Emmanuelle Gialone invites Louisa Burnett-Hall for her second solo exhibition in the gallery following Plongée Contre Plongée in 2006.

Quai de la Goffe 2

4000 Liège, Belgium